9 Gender and Sex Acronyms You will want to Discover

You have yes see and you may heard the fresh acronym LGBTQ, and therefore stands for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer, plenty of moments. However, one another sex and you can sexual orientation are present to the a spectrum – and there are countless words, phrases, and you will acronyms (such as GNC, AMAB, and much more) that exist not only to muslim dating login let anybody show her identities, and to greatly help folks – plus partners – finest discuss. Once the Person Liberties Strategy (HRC) notes for the their site, „Of a lot Us americans refrain from talking about intimate orientation and you can intercourse identity term because it seems taboo, or because they’re afraid of claiming not the right material.”

So, whether you are nevertheless examining the name otherwise need to make sure you are as being the best ally you’ll be, it�s worthwhile for taking time and energy to understand the significance of acronyms you can even find in the future. Ahead, know about 9 sex and you will sex acronyms you do not currently see – not questioning, 'What do GNC are a symbol of?’ – or take them into consideration the next time you’re looking for an excellent a whole lot more comprehensive or higher specific label to utilize for the normal dialogue.

step one. GSM

Gender and you will Intimate Minorities, a term you to definitely some like more than „LGBTQ” – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender – for its cousin inclusiveness. Put another way, anyone who cannot select while the cisgender and you can/otherwise heterosexual you can expect to envision themselves an element of the GSM society.

dos. GNC

Intercourse Low-Conforming, in which your intercourse norms or intercourse term don�t satisfy the male/girls attributes requested by area. New GNC definition also refers to somebody whose intercourse expression does not go with an individual class and you can encompasses of numerous identities – plus agender, genderfluid, and pangender. „Trans*” (notice the fresh new asterisk) otherwise „transgender” is normally made use of interchangeably that have GNC, however, with greater regularity means a person’s intercourse term otherwise label becoming inconsistent to the that tasked within an individual’s birth. You may discover or pay attention to the latest acronym TGNC, hence signifies trans and sex nonconforming, utilized rather.

step 3. MSM/WSM

Men that have sex that have women or men that gender with lady, terms and conditions found in the and you will social sciences to explain boys who have intercourse together with other women and men who’ve intercourse together with other people. This type of conditions are specially of good use as they do not identify a person’s sexual name (e.g. gay). Since GLAAD cards, the U.S. in earlier times prohibited people who possess sex with males (MSM) from donating bloodstream, in addition to discrimination and stigma still exist today.

Cross-dressing otherwise cross cabinet, where you to wears clothes and other facts in comparison to one’s societal gender norms or its assigned intercourse. Somebody who cross-outfits cannot always pick once the trans*, due to the fact cross-dressing does not signify one’s intercourse identity (otherwise intimate direction, for example).


Male-tasked at birth/female-assigned in the birth/unassigned on delivery, whenever a person is sexed while the people, male, or unassigned. Most of the three are often assigned by medical practitioner introduce in the birth in accordance with the individuals genitalia. Such, the word „FAAB” can be put by the an excellent transgender guy so you’re able to signify he try tasked the feminine gender from the delivery. Sometimes, the acronyms AMAB (tasked men at the delivery), AFAB (assigned females during the delivery), and you can SAAB (intercourse assigned during the beginning) can be used also.


Coercively tasked male/female at beginning, utilized by GSM/GNC somebody and intersex people to identify the way they was basically sexed at the birth. Regarding intersex some body – those with in conflict outer and you may interior genitalia – this type of acronyms you will relate to the reality that the person did not have an option inside their sexing, or they’d procedures in order to „correct” the latest discrepancy (removing brand new „male” or „female” number of genitalia).

seven. TERF

Trans-exclusionary major feminists, a small grouping of people who faith they truly are feminists whenever you are claiming one trans female are not very female (and therefore trans guys are not most boys), and thus prohibit him or her using their end up in. One TERF specifically, Victoria Brownworth, has gone as much as to say that „the fresh new part out-of male-to-ladies transsexuals on ladies movement overall together with lesbian path specifically . [is] the best inside male electricity-tripping.” When you are TERFs – such as for instance Brownworth, as well as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and you will – might think themselves as feminists, the stark reality is feminism and you can transphobia was collectively exclusive.


Queer/Thinking, Not sure, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Transexual, Bisexual, Allied/Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer, a term thought from the specific to get a very exclusive acronym than just LGBTQ – and you may yes more straightforward to say.

nine. QTPOC

Queer and Trans Individuals of Colour, an acronym that do not only considers gender identity and you can sexual direction, also race – thus, since PFLAG cards, focusing on intersectionality.